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New Adventures!

Welcome to my blog! Each post will have some thoughts on teaching, science and stuff (but mostly teaching and science). So, away we go!

The Teaching Section This has been my year of new things.  After spending a lifetime as a diehard New Yorker, my husband got a new job and we moved to New Jersey.  Of all places, Jersey.  As a New Yorker, moving to New Jersey was like moving to another country.  Up until last July I had lived my entire life in the best of NYC's boroughs, Queens.  Sure, I went away to school and spent a year living in a cabin in the Massachusetts woods (my Thoreau year?) but my drivers license always said NYC.  But now, I sit in my suburban New Jersey neighborhood, and an NJ license sits in my wallet.  I miss Queens terribly but I have a beautiful house with a backyard and square footage I could have only dreamed of in NYC.
For 8 years I worked at a school in my Queens neighborhood, only a mile from home.  But, the move to NJ made the commute unbearable.  A toll ro…